Born on January 18, 2004 in Linz, Upper Austria, is an Austrian track and field athlete who specializes in middle-distance running.


Kevin Kamenschak's runs in 2023:

Kevin Kamenschak's runs in 2022:

Kevin after reaching the World Cup limit for Colombia
Newspaper report of the "Linzer Rundschau" in the year 2021
Kevin crossing the finish line as winner at the Austrian Cross Country Championships 2022
Kevin as a pacemaker for Julia Mayer at the Austrian Road Running Championships 2022 in Attnang
Crossing the finish line for silver at the U20 European Championships 2023 in Jerusalem (image: ÖLV/Schilderman)

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Austrian records (8):

3000m U23                 7:48,57 min
 5000m U20                13:40,82 min
3000m U20                 7:48,57 min
1500m U18 (indoor)     3:52,69 min
3000m U16 (indoor)     8:41,72 min
1000m U16 (indoor)     2:34,06 min
3000m U16                 8:48,14 min
2000m U16                 5:34,42 min


International Championships:

European Athletics U20 Championships Jerusalem (Isr) 2023, 1500m
Silver medal
European Athletics U20 Championships Jerusalem (Isr) 2023, 5000m
Bronze medal
World Athletics U20 Championships Cali (Col) 2022, 1500m
Qualification for the championships, qualification for the final, 8th place in the final
Balkans championships Craiova (Rou), 2022, 1500m
3rd place
European Athletics U20 Championships Tallinn (Est) 2021, 1500m
Qualification for the championships, qualification for the final, 7th place in the final

Austrian state championships (general class):

1st place ÖSTM 1500m (indoor) 2021
2nd place ÖSTM 800m (indoor) 2021
   3rd place ÖSTM 1500m (outdoor) 2020

Austrian championship titles (U16/U18/U20/U23/general class):

(19 titles)

ÖM U20 1500m 2023
ÖM general class Cross country short 2022
ÖM U23 1500m 2022
ÖM U18 Crosslauf 2022
ÖM U20 1500m 2021
ÖM U20 800m 2021 
ÖM U18 1500m 2021
ÖM U18 3000m 2021
ÖM U18 5km Straße 2020
ÖM U18 800m 2020
ÖM U18 1500m 2020
ÖM U18 800m (indoor) 2020
ÖM U18 1500m (indoor) 2020
ÖM U18 3000m (indoor) 2020
ÖM U20 800m (indoor) 2020
ÖM U20 3000m (indoor) 2020
ÖM U18 5km Straße 2019
ÖM U16 1000m 2019
ÖM U16 3000m 2019

Photo album

personal bests:

5km road run

 13:49 min

Riga (Lat) on October 1st, 2023

5000 Meter

13:40,82 min

Vienna (Aut) on June 17th, 2023 

3000 meter

7:48,57 min

Trier (Ger) on September 8th, 2023

2000 meter

5:34,42 min

Linz (Aut) on September 12th, 2019 

1500 meter

3:40,95 min

Cali (Col) on August 3rd, 2022 

1000 Meter

 2:31,51 min

Andorf (Aut) on August 3rd, 2019 

800 meter

1:53,46 min

Linz-Indoors (Aut) on February 21th, 2021 

400 meter

52,05 s

Ried/Innkreis (Aut) on May 30th, 2021 

A few words about how the runner's career began...

Kevin's running career started in 2009 as a five-year-old child at the Linz Junior Marathon in the 421 meter competition, which he sensationally won promptly. As a result, he often competed very successfully in various children's races as part of road races, mainly in the province of Upper Austria. At the age of 7 he joined the club ATSV Linz LA to train regularly. He attended the Sport-NMS Linz, where he also set the school record in the Cooper Test in his final year, which still stands today.

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